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Will they find the strength to stand up to him and his Master, or will they fail and leave the U. NOTE: In paperback format each volume is comprised of two episodes, meaning that the ten episodes will be published over the course of five paperback volumes. Other books in this series. Add to basket. He is also a world-record-setting Air Force pilot fastest nonstop flight around the world and currently represents Utah's second district in the United States House of Representatives. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Just that morning, Sen. Elizabeth Warren flagged down a journalist to say, "For the record, Donald Trump is a white supremacist. They're politicians. Like male frogs, when one of them ribbits loudly and a female frog responds, the other male frogs do their best imitation.

It's a real-life game of language poker. Bluff, wince, suppress, speak, listen, react. Do anything and everything to win win win. So they had to talk about gun control and white supremacy in order to keep playing. They had to reference the primary topics of discussion for August , but in a way that revealed authenticity, without seeming gullible.

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It's a matter of knowing what to say, always. Which is an insane expectation, for so many reasons. Because the clarion call is different by the day, certainly by the month, depending how fervidly the media push it. Good news is, research shows that people aren't so gullible.

ROMANS chapter 1 - "Righteousness or Wrath"

We typically distrust the media. Because public opinion doesn't always line up with the media message.

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If Americans don't like the narrative being hammered down their throats, they'll shrug and change the channel, move on, stop caring. Like Bill Clinton's impeachment.


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The media wanted an opera, but most of the country just didn't give a damn what the man did behind closed doors, even if they were the doors to the Oval Office. Gentle voiced. Earlier, he compared Trump to Hitler. Hitler, leader of the Nazis, genocidal maniac, full-blown hellaciously prolific psychopath, an honest-to-God dictator who murdered and tortured millions of Jews. Trump, on the other hand, is the first President to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but just happens to be, well, kind of an ass.

Nobody denies that. Many people even happen to admire it. But Hitler? Hyperbole is fine, but it becomes dangerous when exaggerations mutate into something uglier. It was like the Democrats were trying to psyche themselves up to fight the class bully or, better yet, the most popular kid in school. Can you blame them for having shaky nerves? The man is a pulverizer. We all saw what he did to the entire stage of Republicans in He destroyed 16 Ivy League-educated lawyers and seasoned politicians, legacy politicians, American royalty.

Poor Jeb Bush probably still has a stammer. Trump ruined careers by giving out nicknames. He went toe-to-toe with Hillary Clinton, a woman with a reputation for getting everything she wants no matter the cost, for being an impenetrable force that frightens many people, for having spent eight years in the White House as the first lady, and even she lost. But, every day, it's a more serious accusation. Yet another barb directed at President Trump. Which, oddly, just becomes further proof of President Trump's ubiquity.

Every insult levied at him just bounces off his orange Teflon skin like a jelly bean and next thing you know you've got sugar stains on your forehead. As Biden's speech entered its second lap, the journalists in the back of the room just seemed bored. How long had Biden been talking? Earlier that day, at the Iowa State Fair, he performed better, although he got a tad weird in the press scrum afterward and shouted it out with a reporter from Breitbart. The drunk lady in the trippy lion blouse kept chirping along with Biden, adding a weird dominant energy to a room that already had a weird energy of its own, and by then even the kids could tell the woman was wasted.

What a time to get hammered. During a town hall? At a plumbers' union? In Iowa? On a Thursday night? In front of all of these people? In front of a man who once had his own customized , aka Air Force 2? The dog-shirt man gawked at Biden as he strolled around the tiny island of space between the tables. The dog-shirt man was a clumsy lad.

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  6. Several times, his arms windmilled around as he balanced. The room syncopated to his clumsiness, more out of obligation than respect. Parrot shirt guy had finished his baguette at some point, and moved onto some other task. I do not know what he was doing, with his face and with his presence. I am at a loss of words.

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    He whispered with the lop-sidedness of a sinking boat, far too loudly, somehow. But in America, we can eat our baguettes as slowly as we please. We can paunch ourselves into corner-store t-shirts then go to a formal event. We can get nice and revved up on wine or vodka or whatever else we please, within reason. Best of all, we can do these things in the presence of a former Vice President. Then he spiraled into an elaborate story about Chinese President Xi Jinping. How, during one of Biden's visits to China, as the two men ate dinner, Jinping asked Biden to define America.

    How could you not admire a line as good as that line? The people with pre-written questions were nervous, like this was an audition. The first question came from an off-duty Sheriff, and he said, "Hi, I'm a Sheriff. Without a pause, Biden said "Didn't do it!