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View 1 comment. Jun 01, Kashish rated it it was ok Shelves: sports. An interesting read even though it feels like a fiction woven around few of the well known facts about Jose. How much of it is true? I don't know. Is any of it is true? Maybe but never before have I read a book that attacked its subject so viciously. Diego Torres is a well known critic of Jose Mourinho and although the book doesn't bore you, after first few chapters it starts to feel like that the author have an axe to grind.

The dark side of Mourinho is well known by almost every person who follows European football: his ability to manipulate the press, his going too far in the heat of the moment, his criticism of referee and scheduling. It's nothing new and it seems like the author has woven his book around the facts that are already known. The author completely discredits Jose of the trophies won during his time at Real Madrid, attributing it to the players instead.

Jose might have few quirks or a "dark side" but somehow I can't imagine that a person like that how he is portrayed in the book can be so successful as a coach and loved by so many of his old players Lampard, Terry, Materazzi, Ferreira and many more Jun 09, Subu rated it liked it. Complex, egoistic, enigmatic, viscous, envious, intriguing I think Man Utd fans in particular should definitely read the book. Jun 17, Tomi rated it really liked it.

Good insight. Joined a lot of dots for me because Madrid's style of play and results under Mourinho were simply bizarre.

The Special One: The Secret World of José Mourinho by Diego Torres

I have a feeling Casillas, Ramos and the others contributed to this book. There's lots of great content from behind the scenes. This book reveals the limitations of the man who thinks he's a footballing genius. You can admire Mourinho or you can hate him; you may respect, dismiss or envy him. But you cannot, ever, love him unless you are a close family member -I assume some in his family love him. In this book, the man comes across as a Machiavellian psychopath, a megalomaniac out of control who will stoop lower than the lowest just to maintain a self-created image.

It is possible, of course, that the book is libelous and brimming with inaccuracies and slander. But wouldn't the blusterous Mourinho we You can admire Mourinho or you can hate him; you may respect, dismiss or envy him. But wouldn't the blusterous Mourinho we see storming out of press conferences every couple of weeks, have sued? This book deals only with the three years he spent at Real Madrid, where "players found he had a bottomless capacity to provoke difficult -and unprecedented- situations". The worst three in the club's history. On the street, in certain TV studios, in offices and in the board room, the golden rules of the reality show had repealed the laws of football under a blanket of noise.

I knew he was sly but this blew my mind. Aug 19, Bill rated it liked it Shelves: edelweiss. How much of this book is true?

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  5. The Special One: The dark side of José Mourinho.

Does Diego Torres have some secret sources inside of Real Madrid that gave him information that nobody else has? I don't know that either. Could this picture of Jose Mourinho be true? You will have to decide for yourself. Diego Torres writes about events that happened inside of the Real Madrid locker room that have never been talked about. He talks about a Jose Mourinho that nobody has seen. He tells how Jose Mourinho would use mind games to try to enh How much of this book is true?

He tells how Jose Mourinho would use mind games to try to enhance his own image, while tarnishing his players. He says that Jose Mourinho would favor the players that had Jorge Mendes as an agent. He says that everything was manipulated so that Jose Mourinho would come out looking good no matter how badly he was at couching Real Madrid.

Mourinho’s footballing philosophy

There are so many interesting stories in this book about what went on during the time Jose Mourinho was at Real Madrid, I just wonder which ones are true and what is fiction. Did Diego Torres make up some of the stories, or was he fed misinformation by his moles? Or maybe it's all true. If you check out the opinions that have come out across the internet about this book, it seems that the majority of people think that Diego Torres has an ax to grind. Most people take this book as a work of fiction with a few facts thrown in for good measure, but if they are wrong, and Diego is telling the whole truth about Jose Mourinho, then he is one crazy SOB.

We will have to see what comes out from his time at Chelsea. How can I rate this book? I'm not sure how much to believe. Do I rate it as an expose or as a novel? I think that I will give it 3 Stars out of 5. If you follow football soccer , especially the European leagues, then you probably like to read this, just so that you can discuss it with your friends. If you couldn't care less, then just move on, because you won't have any interest. I received a Digital Review Copy from the publisher. Apr 12, Ankur Maniar rated it liked it. Its one thing to criticize someone but criticism with such venom is rarely seen.

Its exactly this which is the downside of this book.

Jerzy Dudek reveals bizarre Jose Mourinho Real Madrid story

Rather than an expose, which the book claims, its filled more with voices of discontent made by Real Madrid players during his term at the club. And whats more, with the continued and almost unparalleled success which Mourinho enjoys, the allegations Its one thing to criticize someone but criticism with such venom is rarely seen. An explosive and shocking biography of Jose Mourinho - revealing the dark side of 'the special one'. Reviews Review Policy.

Published on. Flowing text. Best For.

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      source url This book chronicles the entire remarkable story of Jose Mourinho and Chelsea, with a critical insight into how and why it ended so dramatically. Confrontational, passionate, full of chutzpah, Mourinho is a masterful tactician, and surely the best boss in the history of Chelsea.


      Yet for a second time the Emperor of the Bridge, Roman Abramovich, cast him aside. The reason? He rewarded their faith in some fashion, sweeping aside newly rich Manchester City to soar to a third League title with three games to spare , as well as a third League Cup. Then came the biggest collapse of any defending title-holder. Why did it happen? Who was to blame? Who panicked behind the scenes, and why? Jose - Return Of The King.