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I love it. Thanks you for sharing. You put it on casters.

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I want that, but higher up so I can put storage bins below. You have designed for looks on a higher level than what I have seen on Instructables.

I love this idea! I've been looking for a platform bed tutorial One question, I read a lot about needed ventilation for the mattress, do you find it's an issue? Mattress being right against the wood? That's my one design dilemma I keep coming across but not sure if it's even serious Hi Jess, I haven't found that a problem at all! I have moved on from this platform bed and now sleep on a king size platform bed and still don't have any problem with it! Wow this looks amazing! I read this blog because I found it through buzzfeed and went through a few of your diy designs. I love them all!

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I was thinking of making this, so I have a few questions. First of all, what type of wood would be the most efficient and reliable and second, how much was the cost overall? Thanks for taking the time to read this : -Mitch. I love this i dont have any tools but u should sell these i sure woulds buy one my room is so small i could really use this bed Smart.

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This DIY wooden bed frame is so perfect! I absolutely love that it has storage area! I need something like this desperately, and a cute headboard to go along! I was just going to ask how long it took you.

Sometimes you just have to style a photo ; Also- this was in a room that I was the only person in, no animals or children…so it wasn't THAT big of a deal ;. Do you know how much it cost? Thank you if you have a more detailed tutorial I'd love a link! Hey, I would love to build this for my new Queen size mattress, but can't find the plan anywhere.

Do you have a step by step of building this amazing thing?

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Thanks in advance! I'm sorry I don't have step by step instructions but for some process photos, check out the first part of the How I Made My Bed series! This bed is so awesome. I can't find anything like it pre made I'm going to be giving this a try in the next month. Any other suggestions now that it's a few years later? Thanks so much! I no longer have the bed I sold it and since built a new kingsize bed but I would recommend making it in pieces and putting it together in the room- it ended up being ridiculously heavy! Hi Courtney, this bed is lovely and exactly what I am looking to do myself.

Would you kindly share a tutorial on how to build it? You can read part one here. Building my bed did not take as long as one would imagine. I spent about twelve hours at the most on it, split into a few days of work. I'm now confident that I'd rather build something with wood and tools than sew something any day. This made room for me to throw away my plastic drawer organizer I've had way too long. There is storage on the other side against the wall for year around storage, and there is room on the sides for books and other baskets, one side even has our internet router stored on the side.

My baskets now hold my fabrics, scarves, headbands, paint and craft supplies. Share This Post. Labels: amazon , bed , caster wheels , DIY , Handmade , platform bed , project , wire baskets. Anonymous August 22, at AM. Leen Philips August 22, at PM.

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Ashley Taylor August 22, at PM. Valentina Duracinsky August 22, at PM. Anonymous August 23, at AM. Manda August 23, at PM. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. Known throughout her career for unearthing great new songwriting talent, she has once again gathered an inspiring batch of songs from some relatively unknown artists. We got into something deep on my last album, Silver Lining , and I'm just knocked out by their ability to stretch and morph into whatever style I want to delve into.

The album is the eighteenth release from this Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and nine-time Grammy winner, but it reveals the spirit and excitement of a newcomer. That daring and spark infuse all of Souls Alike.