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The best-known version is the one collected by the Brothers Grimm as tale number This is a completely different version of Snow White and she has nothing in common with the other one other than the fact that she shares her name in English and has an encounter with a dwarf. Snow-White and Rose-Red are two little girls living with their mother, a poor widow, in a small cottage by the woods.

Fair-haired Snow-White is quiet and shy and prefers to spend her time indoors, doing housework and reading. Dark-haired Rose-Red is outspoken, lively and cheerful, and prefers to be outside. They are both very good girls who love each other and their mother dearly, and their mother is very fond of them as well. One winter night, there is a knock at the door. Rose-Red opens the door to find a bear.

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At first, she is terrified, but the bear tells her not to be afraid. They let the bear in, and he lies down in front of the fire. Snow-White and Rose-Red beat the snow off the bear, and they quickly become quite friendly with him. They play with the bear and roll him around playfully. Instantly a heartrending cry reached their ears, and, running quickly to the place, they saw, with horror, that the eagle had seized their former acquaintance, the dwarf, and was just about to carry him off. The kind children did not hesitate for an instant. They took a firm hold of the little man, and strove so stoutly with the eagle for possession of his contemplated prey, that, after much rough treatment on both sides, the dwarf was left in the hands of his brave little friends, and the eagle took to flight.

As soon as the little man had in some measure recovered from his alarm, his small squeaky, cracked voice was heard saying, "Couldn't you have held me more gently?

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See my little coat; you have rent and damaged it in a fine manner, you clumsy, officious things! The maidens by this time were quite used to his ungrateful, ungracious ways; so they took no notice of it, but went on their way, made their purchases, and then were ready to return to their happy home. On their way back, suddenly, once more they ran across their dwarf friend. Upon a clear space he had turned out his sack of jewels, so that he could count and admire them, for he had not imagined that anybody would at so late an hour be coming across the common.

The setting sun was shining upon the brilliant stones, and their changing hues and sparkling rays caused the children to pause to admire them also. Up jumped the dwarf in extremest terror, but could not get to his hiding-place, the bear was too close to him; so he cried out in very evident anguish—.

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Bear, forgive me, I pray! I will render to you all my treasure. Just see those precious stones lying there! Grant me my life! What would you do with such an insignificant little fellow? You would not notice me between your teeth. See, though, those two children, they would be delicate morsels, and are as plump as partridges; I beg of you to take them, good Mr.

Bear, and let me go! But the bear would not be moved by his speeches. He gave the ill-disposed creature a blow with his paw, and he lay lifeless on the ground. Meanwhile the maidens were running away, making off for home as well as they could; but all of a sudden they were stopped by a well-known voice that called out, "Snow-White, Rose-Red, stay!

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Do not fear. I will accompany you. The bear quickly came towards them, but, as he reached their side, suddenly the bear-skin slipped to the ground, and there before them was standing a handsome man, completely garmented in gold, who said—. He stole my treasure, and compelled me to roam the woods transformed into a big bear until his death should set me free.

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Therefore he has only received a well-deserved punishment. Stories for children from around the world. New ish Layout World of Tales has a fresh new look! I hope you like it!

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I will be clearing bugs in the next days. If you see something you don't like, please let me know. After that he stretched himself out in front of the fire, and pleased himself by growling a little, only to show that he was happy and comfortable.

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Before long they were all quite good friends, and the children began to play with their unlooked-for visitor, pulling his thick fur, or placing their feet on his back, or rolling him over and over. Prepayment required. Get It Now! Immediate Downloads. You will not receive physical versions of anything you select for Get It Now!

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